What we need is simple: we need NOLA prosecutors to stop discrimination against sexual assault survivors.


The DOJ’s National Crime Victimization Survey tells us that less than 4% of reported sex crimes (against adults) are prosecuted. Experts in the field suggest that this is due in part to unwillingness of law enforcement and prosecution to properly investigate and bring charges against perpetrators, as they anticipate juries’ acquittals for sex crimes. In the 2009 William & Mary Bill of Rights Journal‘s “Discriminatory Acquittal”, Tulane’s own Tania Tetlow describes a certain type of discriminatory acquittal: “Juries often refuse to punish the rapists of the wrong kind of women or the attackers of wives who displease their husbands.” This chain of cause-and-effect, when simplified, tells us that survivors of sexual violence rarely receive justice, due to discrimination against the survivors– by juries, and often by law enforcement and prosecutors who validate juries’ anticipated discrimination.